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Master Demand Planning, Forecasting and SOP with IBF

For Employees

Accelerate your career growth, leadership opportunities, marketability, and job security

Validate your professional experience, knowledge, and skill-sets in the field

Build confidence knowing that you’re prepared for today’s rapidly changing marketplace

Complement your supply chain education certifications with IBF

Become more recognized at your company, as well as in the field

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For Employers

Save time and resources as IBF certified individuals are pre-qualified, allowing you to quickly identify the right person for an SOP or forecasting/demand planning job

Gain assurance that an IBF Certified individual has the background to help improve forecasting performance and hit the ground running

Increase the value of your forecasting and demand planning staff, department, and company

Save time and resources in training — CPF or ACPF professionals already have a verified body of knowledge

And much more!

Companies w/ Certification
Allyson Hatfield, ACPF
Senior Demand Planner (Campbell Soup Company)
Earning certification with IBF was an opportunity to take in the academic side of my discipline. It made me more confident in approaching the business and in the recommendations i was making.
Keyamma Garnes, CPF
Director of Demand Planning (Estee Lauder)
It has helped me tremendously with not only learning forecasting best practices but also in showing others I know what I'm doing. When I moved companies it helped me not only land a job, but get the compensation I was looking for.
Levels of Certification
Certified Professional Forecaster–Candidate (CPF-C)

A starting point for students as they enter the job market. Exam 1, 2 3

Certified Professional Forecaster (CPF)

Earned by passing exam 1, 2 3

Advanced Certified Professional Forecaster (ACPF)

After receiving CPF, earned by passing exam 4 5

Additional Information
Test Your Knowledge

Click the links below to take the sample exam(s):

Eligibility Criteria

There are three ways an individual can be eligible for the Certification program.

1) The potential candidate must have at least a Bachelor's degree and one year of professional experience in Business Forecasting and Planning.

2) If the individual does not have a Bachelor's degree, two years of professional experience in Business Forecasting and Planning can fulfill the eligibility requirement.

3) For students or those new to practicing forecasting planning, you can earn a CPF-C by passing the exams. Then, once you complete 1 year of professional experience, we can upgrade you to full CPF status.

Certification Details
Certified Professional Forecaster (CPF): The Exams
Exam 1

What you Need to Know about Demand Planning, Forecasting, and SOP

Exam 2

Data Management and time Series Forecasting Modeling

Exam 3

Reporting, Presenting, New Product Forecasting and Planning

Advanced Certified Professional Forecaster (ACPF): The Exams
Exam 4

Forecast Modeling (Advanced)

Exam 5

Technology and Worst Practices in Forecasting Planning

Certification Fee

Study material for this course is available for purchase. Please New Balance WID626v2 Womens uD0PTEVyv
here to purchase our "Fundamentals of Demand Planning Forecasting" text book. The textbook includes an outline of what is covered for each exam. (Most professionals register for Exams 1, 2, 3 for CPF or Exams 4 5 for ACPF all at once).

IBF Members:
$375 per exam
$425 per exam
Exam Schedule

Jul 27, 2018
Online Exam
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Aug 10, 2018
Online Exam
Aug 24, 2018
Online Exam
Sep 28, 2018
Online Exam
Oct 12, 2018
Online Exam
Oct 26, 2018
Online Exam
Nov 17, 2018
Online Exam
Preparation Materials
Fundamentals of Demand Planning Forecasting
Price: $124.95 + shipping
Preview (PDF) Details

This book will cover most of the material for the exams.

However, there is no single book available that covers everything about business forecasting planning. It is assumed the candidate has prior knowledge and experience in the area.

Attending the following events will help you better prepare for the IBF Certification Exams:
How to Keep Your Certification Current

IBF certification is valid for a period of 4 years.

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Global-feminist reproductive politics have also retained a coercive edge. The focus of ngo s has been on the pharmaceutical suppression of fertility, rather than developing the social conditions for women’s autonomy—education, travel, economic independence—that help make birth control a positive choice. Research by the pharmaceutical giants centres on long-acting methods that can’t be reversed without professional intervention, putting control in the hands of (mainly male) paramedics rather than women themselves. Despite the pro-choice mantras of ippf websites, in practice numerical targets still guide international population-control programmes. The recent 69-country Family Planning 2020 campaign, backed by the Gates Foundation, plans to ‘cover’ 120 million women with hormonal implants (Norplant, Sinoplant, Jadelle: small rods of progesterone, inserted into the arm) or injectables (Depo Provera, Noristerat: injected deep into the gluteal muscles for slow release). Though marketed as reversible, side-effects can include long-delayed return of fertility, menstrual irregularities, headaches, thrombosis, weight gain, loss of bone density and depression. Nigeria’s 2020 target is to cover another 13.5 million women; India’s, 48 million. [104] See the key country documents on the Family Planning 2020 website. Birth control substitutes for primary healthcare in impoverished northern Nigeria, where the per capita ratio of doctors is 0.4 per thousand. In India, sterilization remains the most prevalent form of contraception, implemented on over 70 per cent of women ‘users’ and consuming 85 per cent of family-planning funds. In Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, mass campaigns aimed mainly at Muslim, Dalit and tribal communities use cash incentives to meet state quotas, with the operation performed in dangerously unsanitary conditions. Female sterilization rates are also high in Brazil (42 per cent) and China (45 per cent). Backstreet abortions are a common cause of maternal mortality in Latin America and West Africa, especially among teenage girls. [105] Petchesky, Global Prescriptions , pp. 199, 207, 216; For India, see also ‘For sterilization, target is women’, nyt , 7 November 2003; for Brazil, Sérgio Luiz Gonçalves de Freitas, ‘Brazil: Contraception, Abortion and Population Planning’, in Robert Francoeur, ed., International Encyclopaedia of Sexuality , New York 1997–2001; for China, Makoto Atoh, Vasantha Kandiah and Serguey Ivanov, ‘The Second Demographic Transition in Asia? Comparative Analysis of the Low Fertility Situation in East and Southeast Asian Countries’, Japanese Journal of Population , vol. 2, no. 1, March 2004, p. 60.

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